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Tactical Medic Class

[27 Oct 2006 | Friday]

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Hiya Everybody from warm and sunny southern California! Yeah, yeah. I know all of you are really jealous of me right now (well...except maybe Beasy) for being in some place warm. Heard it's pretty chilly up Michigan way. Just so I can brag a bit...I'm in Palm Springs. Basically a little oasis in the middle of the desert. Appears to be quite the place for the rich and famous. Gorgeous mountain scenery and beautiful weather. 90's, sunny and no humidity...perfect!

Anyways, I'm almost at the end of the first week of Tactical Medic school. Pretty cool class. Really awesome in fact. Lots of tactics and shooting. I'll be honest...there is NOTHING like shooting a MP5 at full automatic. Basically, this class (school) tries to turn a lil' old Medic like me into a SWAT Medic.

The class itself is actually two classes. The first week is all "basic" stuff. Learning how to work as a team, shooting, tactical movement, etc. Everything you see from a real SWAT team performance. Next week is the advanced course. More tactics, shooting and a bit more medical treatment.

Quite an eye-opener of sorts. Most of the class is geared toward teaching tactics but what really does it for me is the teamwork and the medical treatments. Very unlike being a paramedic in the field. Being a field medic is (for anyone that's done it for a while) is pretty straightforward. You and your partner fixing people. You're in charge. You do what needs to get done.

Tactical EMS is a whole new ballgame. You got to work as a team with a lot more than just one partner. Try six or more. Your objective is not treating the patient (at least not at first). It's get the bad guy, save the good people and fix them afterwards. Very different perspective, to say the least.

Well, it's late. I got finals in the morning and our "practical" finals in the afternoon. Time for bed!

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