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[27 Sep 2006 | Wednesday]

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Sorry folks, it's been a little while. Life finally caught up with me. I've been neglecting my site and all of you!

Been a little busy of late. Right now I'm dealing with a little medical problem. One of my eyeballs (the left) isn't up to par. Weird, but my left eye is a little blurry and doubled vision (20/60 on that eye with my glasses) and my right is just fine (normal 20/10 with my glasses). Also have a little bit of pressure behind the eye (sort of like a sinus headache, I guess). The doctors seem to think it's an infection so they got me on four antibiotics. CT was negative and I'm assuming that the blood work was all negative as well. I go back to the eye doc tomorrow so I'll give you an update as soon as I can.

Anyways, it's been making me think what would happen if it kept getting worse and I lost my vision (nothing like pessimism from an optimist!!). Pretty scary how we depend on something that, on the surface seems relatively obscure, but could change one's life so drastically. Firstly, I probably couldn't drive because I'd lose my peripheral vision, not to mention perspective and depth. That would probably be the worst. I could probably be able to continue to work, within limits. As it was, when it first started happening, I had a hard time focusing on my writing and even when I was trying to start an IV. There would be quite a few changes to my lifestyle, not being able to do quite a few things. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just a little bit scared. I'm practically terrified, though you probably couldn't tell just by looking or talking to me.

The best thing that could happen if I lost my vision in that eye would be I could wear a cool eye patch! Personally, I'll pass!

Ok, folks. Got things to do, so I'll say cyanosis for now!!

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