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My Cuppa Coffee

[I'll pretext this particular blog by mentioning that this isn't exactly the first post on the MySpace blog but it's the first meaningful one that is more than one paragraph and that garnered some responses.]

[04 Sep 2006 | Monday]

My Cuppa Coffee

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Just a couple thoughts on my mind after a particularly tiring week at work. Over the course of the week and all the classes that took place, it occurred to me (more than once) that it becomes particularly apparent who really gives a shit about working, and about life in general.

There seems to be those people who, no matter how easy you try to make something available to them, that they have no appreciation for that fact and for the fact that they are getting paid (in this case) for two hours to learn about something that (hopefully) will make their job easier. They just view it as an inconvienence to their supposedly busy schedule and to their supposedly valuable lives. In retrospect, I believe that I was probably annoyed at the time, but as I thought about it, I realized that I actually pitied them because they will never fully realize the impact that something as insignificant as two hours might actually be something worthwhile and significant. At this point I'm not even referring to the class in particular, but to everything that they do or experience.

On the opposite side of the coin, I was particularly pleased and appreciable of the fact that most people thought the training valuable and had the realization that there was a need for the training. Sure, it took two hours out of their day, but they were compensated for it. For those people, it was worthwhile and meaningful, even if it was slightly inconvienent. I felt appreciated and I was thanked many times for what they thought was valuable information and for the fact that I even tried to make what they thought was a dull subject into something they could laugh about as they learned about it.This, I believe, transfers to how they live their own lives: anticipating and valuing all their experiences to more fully enrich their time here. I probably realized it quite a while ago, but those people are the ones worth hanging on to and experiencing life along with them.

As for the actual training, I'll admit I was particularly relieved when the week was finally over. 90 hours and one particularly weird dream about a radio chasing me around doesn't do much for my mental health, let alone my physical well-being. I was extremely exhausted, but even I found a little bit more energy to expend to experience a helluva great time at the ballgame on Friday night. I wish that more people could have attended, but I know those that did experienced not just a great game, but much, much more besides. It is things like this that make everything worthwhile and enriching, not just to me but to everybody.





I don't know who or what you were teaching but I'm sure you did a good job. And for those that were bored or felt it was unnecessary, Well they are the ones that need to be off the streets. Down here, the old saying is."When you think you know it all, it's time to get off the truck!" and I hate to say this but there was no trianing to speak of there when I was there.So, whatever you were teaching, they should be thankful. You all need to be current ACLS, Advanced BTLS and PALS!!! I mean two 8 hr day classes, Not on a computer or sign a sheet and get a card. I know there's good Medics there and you are one of the best! But there is piss poor ones too. It's pretty bad when I was there and the one everyone thought was "GOD" there was smoking a cigg on the way to the Hosptal while I was treating a Cardiac Pt. in the back.....I call that very unprofessional, but what do I know. I've only been certified since 1987! Keep up your good work for the ones that do appreciate it. I hope this wasn't too blunt. Love you! Brenda

Posted by BRENDA on [04 Sep 2006 | Monday] - 13:19


You never need to worry about being blunt. That's what you do best! :)

Things have indeed changed here at Medstar. Classes and CE's are now being offered. Many things have changed for the good, a few for the bad. But, as you know (probably better than some) that the more things change, the more things remain the same. I have a pretty good idea who you are referring to, so I am not going to name names.

You always have permission to be yourself. Be blunt! Be southern! That's what I love about you! Too few people out there can tell it like it is. I could probably write a fictional story about a person, their trials and tribulations, loves and hates, how they lived, the lives they touched, and how they died and everybody might love it. You'd say: "A man lived, worked, paid taxes and died!" and I'd love that! Sometimes it's the perfect perspective to have. Keep it up! I wouldn't expect anything less from you!

Love ya,


Posted by Mikey on [04 Sep 2006 | Monday] - 19:55


Mikey, Thanks!!! That's what I loved about you. You liked me for who I was....Not everyone can handle my BIG I love you buddy and you take care. Keep up the good work. Love,Brenda
Posted by BRENDA on [05 Sep 2006 | Tuesday] - 11:02


Hey Mikey,

Well I went through the class and I survived. Can't say that I will ever know everything about it but I always have you to call. Like when I called you Saturday fives times when we couldn't figure it out and everytime I called you said you were never bothered. Now that is a dedicated person. People don't realize that sometimes you may not agree with them you will always be there is they need help with anything. I love ya

ps Brenda I miss ya You were a great medic to work with

Posted by Nicole on [05 Sep 2006 | Tuesday] - 00:13

Thanks Nicole, I miss ya' too. You were also a great Medic. Take care of Mikey for me. Love,Brenda
Posted by BRENDA on [05 Sep 2006 | Tuesday] - 11:04


OK Mikey and Nichole, I feel like a real ASS-HOLE! While washing dishes tonight ,it dawned on me that Nichole was an EMT and not a Paramedic and I left a comment saying Nichole you were a great Paramedic too. Well, not that it matters what your title is, I just didn't want you all thinking I was going Senile or anything like Bye the way Nichole, You know the old saying.Paramedics saves lives and EMT's save Paramedics...It's the Damn truth, LOL, Love and miss you guys,Brenda
Posted by BRENDA on [06 Sep 2006 | Wednesday] - 21:21

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