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Back from Washington and Other Stuff

[07 Apr 2007 | Saturday]

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Hello all!

Yes it's been a little while (almost a month). Busy, busy....

Firstly, my vacation was just that...a well deserved vacation. I enjoyed every minute of it. It's one of those vacations that you don't want to ever get back to reality. There's a little bit of beautiful in Washington, and I think I found it. There's a little bit here as well, but sometimes you just gotta put on your walking shoes and go see what's out there.

Holly and her family were more than just a bit accomodating to me and I sincerely appreciate it. Holly and I took a little walk (HAH!) up the mountain to her little slice of the planet and it was well worth every out-of-breath and out-of-shape minute. I realize that pictures don't really do any view justice but here are a couple.

In case you all are wondering about the last pic, that's my yearly snow angel. Been doing them for as long as I can remember. Pretty good for an old guy!

Let's see....I got Holly's myspace page up and looking good. We tweaked it and she's looking good!

Other news from the front...

I guess the biggest news of late is that I'm in the works of buying my first home. I should be closing on it at the end of this month. Details and pictures to follow (eventually). Be prepared for a house warming party of some sort!

Work's work. Busier than ever. Had a few decent calls lately. They generally are good for me and my students/third riders...bad for the patients. Always doing my best to kick the reaper in the drawers and away from my patients. Doesn't always work, but I got good odds .

Well, I promise not to be a stranger...hopefully I got myself in a routine for a little while. I'll be back soon. Until then...

Have a happy and blessed Easter!

God Bless,



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