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EMT Class Final Exam

[22 Feb 2007 | Thursday]

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22 February 2007

Sitting in front of my computer (at oh-dark-thirty in the morning) and way too tired to sleep; I just had to write something, to do something after what transpired earlier this evening.

I don't know how to describe what I'm feeling presently. Yeah I'm truly exhausted and way past tired, but I think the feeling is an overwhelming gratitude that I feel for "my peeps" and "my posse" that went well over what most would describe as the call of duty. You are the truly dedicated and you are true professionals. You are also truly great friends.

What you guys and gals accomplished tonight to ensure that all the EMT students received a fair (albeit long) final practical and to finish what Nicole so eloquently remarked we should have done in two days (due to the large number of students [twenty-two]) is nothing short of amazing. What started at 1800 ended shortly after midnight, and I will tell you that every single EMT student appreciated what you (forever known as "my posse") did for them tonight. You gave them a chance to be EMT's.

In no particular order (and not wanting to diminish the importance of any):

Frannie Forsythe: You've come a long way, baby! It seems like only yesterday that you just started here. You are welcome to come teach (or work) with me any day you wish! It is obvious to me that you love to help others and that you love to teach. You are an excellent EMT and you will be a great medic (soon)!

Rob Limpert: Partner, you may not look it and you certainly don't act like it, but you, sir, are a consummate professional! You should have been an I/C a long time ago. You love what you do. You are passionate and you take the extra time and energy to ensure that your FTOlings know their profession. You should have been a great medic a long time ago as well (and we will rectify that situation soon)! There is no "basic" in EMT!

Allison Biliti: Thank you for the "drop of the hat" help tonight. You came through in the clutch! You may not have stayed to the bitter end, but your timely assist has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. It's hard to believe that you were once an EMT student not so long ago yourself.

Tammie Mandeville: Another one that answered the call to the medic class. You were a great patient all night long! I think you might be a bit taller in the morning after oh-so-many traction splints! And yes, I believe you! Your daughter didn't need any help in the least! Your daughter has a dedicated mom!

Richard Tripp: My good friend, you didn't start with the rest of us, but you finished with the rest of us! You are truly a dedicated student to the science of ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />EMS. You are an EMS sponge! You are always willing to help out! My thanks to Tracy and Olivia as well for your assist tonight. You'd better not get into trouble for it! Lego Star Wars rules!

Kelly Soulliere: I asked for some help from the medic class, and you answered in spades! It takes a truly dedicated person to subject yourself to (almost) twenty-two EMT students at the longest station in the practical (the airway station). You are to be commended for your dedication and your fortitude! A great medic in the making!

Amy DelVecchio and (so cute!) Melina: You didn't have a babysitter but you came anyways to help out like you always do! That's dedication from a great friend! Melina was the belle of the ball tonight! I think she gathered more looks than anyone else! You da Mom!! I think it's time for another I/C to be born!

Tim Swinyer: Another assist from a clutch player! Couldn't have asked for any more than you gave tonight. The crazy man of the group, you're always keeping it light! Thank you, sir! Peace out!

And last…but certainly not least:

Nicole Plauman: How can I thank a best friend for just being you? You kept us all organized at the end and you bugged the hell out of me all night long! You keep me on the straight and narrow. Best friends compliment each other, pick up each other, and make up for the faults of each other. The proverbial yin and yang! I couldn't do this job and my life certainly wouldn't be as much fun if you weren't in it!

There are no words that I can think of or say so mightily that would accurately express my thanks to each and every one of you for your help, your dedication, and your passion tonight. You made a long night truly memorable. As far as my students are concerned (and they made it quite clear to me tonight), you are the BEST! May God bless you all!

I need to thank a couple of others as well:

Melissa Gladieux: You got the ball rolling for me and did the things that I couldn't do tonight. I honestly don't know how you do the things you do sometimes, but that's what makes a good person great. You are truly a great friend and we always seem to complement each other exceptionally well in the classroom! Good Cop, Bad Cop! We do it all! I also want to take the time to thank you for another exceptional opportunity to teach our students. I think we both paid our dues with this class. You will not be disappointed!

Julie Szuminski and the rest of the Medstar Management Staff: Thank you again for another great opportunity to instruct and teach our students. I didn't have a whole lot of time with them but I assure you that you will not be disappointed with the results.




Thanks Mikey,

That's what friends are for. Besides I like bugging you even if you were in the bathroom!! ha ha I think it was a great night with friends. We all multi-tasked. I would not have wanted to be Kelly she did have the lllllllongest station in the world but she got it done and even helped on the other stations in the end. The only thing we did not accomplish was a drink and a burger from The hut so put that class on the back burner. I truely love working with everyone at Medstar we are a team and will always be a team. Next time though we do need 2 days that way I can go get my drink and a burger with no problem. I think you have a great basic class they just need to take a breath and have faith in themselves because did show us they can do it. I love ya Mikey don't ever change and keep on writing because it makes me smile everytime I read your blogs. Medstar needs Mikey's cup of coffee again we miss it. (I can do the proof reading to make sure you are politically correct lol) I love ya have fun in Washington this is how I felt this morning.. Let me know if you need help tonight. You can call me anytime and I will be there.

Posted by Nicole on [22 Feb 2007 | Thursday] - 12:27


You are truly the coolest friend I could ever hope to have!! Love you!!

Posted by Mikey on [22 Feb 2007 | Thursday] - 15:17

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