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Another Perspective!!

[20 Jan 2007 | Saturday]

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Wouldn't you know it...I finally get around to writing an entry into my blog and now I'm provoked to add another one. This one is a short one.

This morning we (the Medstar Paramedic class and some of the students from the EMT class) went to the Detroit Science Center to view the exhibit OUR BODY: THE UNIVERSE WITHIN.

Firstly, I'll highly recommend it to anyone. Completely and utterly fascinating. The two exhibit areas are completely mesmerizing. Supposedly there were two short videos in the IMAX theater, which I didn't get to see, but just to see the exhibit was well worth the price of admission. A couple of the students did see the video presentation and said it was very informative and well produced.

As for another perspective...Yes! In a way you'd never think possible. I've been to morgues and to A&P cadaver labs and this exhibit beats either one hands down as far as being able to see every single body part.

So, just to pass along a firm vote of confidence: I'd recommend it! For more information I've provided the DSC link and the actual exhibit link below.




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