Monday, June 15, 2009

Me Being an Idiot

[05 Sep 2006 | Tuesday]

Current mood: embarrassed
Category: Friends

I probably don't need to say this (because you guys already know me and would probably take it upon yourself to do something anyways), but I was reminded today about me being an idiot.

Amy, Rich Tripp and I were sitting around chatting and for some reason, Amy and Rich started talking about their "Mikey" moments, and not necessarily their best memories of me either. It felt pretty awkward, but I really didn't know what else to feel, except I was wishing that some of those things hadn't happened. You know those days when you'd give your left testicle to be able to hit a rewind button? Yeah, THOSE days.

I got plenty of those days. Ain't particularly proud of them, to be sure. Well, I'm giving you all permission to remind me when I'm being an idiot. Subtle probably won't work, so if you have a spare two by four handy, whack me with it. I'll be better off, believe me.

Ok. I promised myself I'd make this entry a short one. So, it's short and to the point.


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