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Cle Elum, Washington (1 of ?)

[24 Feb 2007 | Saturday]

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Hiya Folks!

Made it ok (if it wasn't too obvious). Didn't get hijacked or anything disturbing like that. Mostly slept on the way over here (almost eight hours total travel time with one layover in Cincinatti).

Seattle's pretty much the same as I left it (at least I think so). I didn't spend too much time seeing the sights. I have quite enought time to do that. Rented a 4WD and I'm damn glad I did. I got nothing but mounds of snow everywhere, and it's snowing as I type this in the local internet cafe. Just had to buy a coffee to use it. Cheap at that, WOOOOT!

Cle Elum is probably pretty close to any small town up in northern Michigan. Cle Elum is about 70 miles east of Seattle/Tacoma. Not too far up the mountains (we're about 2500 feet above sea level) but the balmy feel of Seattle (no snow anywhere to be found) changed tremendously in that 70 miles of travel. At about 40 miles or so, snow was evident on the ground and it only got higher and higher as I drove. We got probably 3-4 feet of snow on the ground and almost 10 feet drifts. Cle Elum is your typical small town, a couple of street lights and its got that rustic feel. Believe it or not...just what I was looking for.

Ooops gotta go...they're closing up shop all around me...typical small town...everything closes up early.

Will write more soon.

God bless!


Yeah Mikey,

I am glad you are in Washington. I visited Medstar on Saturday with Jacob and he wanted to know where Uncle Mikey was? I made everyone look twice. They were confused because I looked so much like Nicole. It really messed with some of them. It was very funny. Good job with your class. You and Nicole rock!

Love Ya,


Posted by Cherie on [26 Feb 2007 | Monday] - 15:14


LOL! I'm not suprised. I'm sorry I missed you two, but I had a date with a plane trip as you well know. I'm actually suprised that you haven't been up (at Medstar) before now.

And thank you for the kind comments as always. I've been up here for four days now and we've had snow everyday to add to the multitudes already fallen. Good thing I packed for this weather. I even brought my boots. Good thing too!

Will write more soon!

Love you too!

Posted by Mikey on [26 Feb 2007 | Monday] - 18:49

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