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[05 Mar 2007 | Monday]

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Hello all!

Doing well. Doing nothing is good! Relaxing is even better!! Boy, I had no idea how much I needed this. Being able to sleep in til noon (if I want to) is a good thing.

Been seeing the sights, so to speak. If you're looking for monuments and skyscrapers, this is the wrong part of the universe. If you're looking for nature at it's finest, then this is God's country!

Lots and lots of snow. If you were paying attention to the news on Wednesday (February 28th), the sixty-car pileup was about 20 miles or so from where I'm at. I was safe at home watching all the snow fall, drinking my hot coffee. Really, the weather isn't bad at all, if you're used to the snow every day. Temperatures have been pretty reasonable. Good thing I didn't bring a bulky jacket. I can get by just fine with a fleece jacket.

Here are some pictures of the surrounding area:

Holly's (and her parent's) driveway:

Holly's house:

A view of the countryside (with lots and lots of snow):

And last-but-not-least...downtown Cle Elum:

Okay, gotta go...they're kicking me out of the internet cafe again. More tomorrow!


21:01 2 Kudos

Beautiful pictures!!! Are you sure you want to come home? I'm glad your having a relaxing time we miss ya. Tell Holly I said hi. That is to much snow for me I need a beach and some palm tree's because I am having cabin fever. Love ya Nicole
Posted by Nicole on [06 Mar 2007 | Tuesday] - 01:05



It is so pretty there. I would not want to shovel all that snow. Make an igloo for me. Tell Holly and her family I said hi.



Posted by Cherie on [07 Mar 2007 | Wednesday] - 00:27


LOL, You two crack me up! No shoveling up here (at least for the most part). They got a couple of back-hoe's to do the job. Been pretty mild this week. Lots of melting snow and even some rain today

Love you two!


Posted by Mikey on [07 Mar 2007 | Wednesday] - 20:00

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