Saturday, March 28, 2009


It's officially been 48 hours or so since I was discharged.

Overall...I've been feeling pretty decently. I've been a little tired every once in a while, yesterday especially for some reason.

The thing I was most afraid of...breathing problems...has been great. No issues whatsoever. Haven't needed a treatment or to use the MDI (inhaler). I've been a tiny bit short of breath occasionally but that's after or while I was doing something like carrying something. Just sat down and I was good in a minute or two. Been checking my own lung crackles or wheezes to speak of...still no (or very little) sounds in the bottom left.

Had some coughing fits yesterday too, but those were short. None today.

The other thing I was to look out for was the heartburn. Woke up with it yesterday morning and was dealing with it on and off all day yesterday...but doing good today.

The rest of the time I've been making appointments and whatnot. Next week is pretty full up. Have to drop in for a quick fingerstick on Tuesday for a blood glucose level. Wednesday is my PET scan. Thursday I get a med port inserted in my arm. I think they're calling it a "pass port" or something normal like that. Still a central line so to speak, but doesn't require sedation or anything like that. If it chances...I'll get a PICC inserted. Not going to La La land with one lung. Hmmmm...oh...Friday is my second dose of chemo. Yay!!! I'm so not looking forward to that...well, I am...but, you know what I'm trying to say.

Other things? Will have a call back from Dr. Al-Katib's office (over at St. John's) on Monday. Prudent to get a second opinion. They're gonna wait until after the PET but possibly Friday after chemo. As far as I'm concerned, as long as I'm not crappy and whatnot, I'll go. The doctors said I'd probably feel like a bazillion bucks after chemo because of the IV I'm looking forward to seeing him. Supposedly one of the best. I'll let him have a crack at me.

One thing that does hurt so far has been the pocket book. Even with insurance...I spent $480 in co-pays to get my scripts filled...not including the Neulasta (for boosting the WBC after Chemo). Don't need that one yet..not until Saturday after chemo. That one is gonna kill me...and I'm not talking about the side effects (ARDS, DIB, SOB are my red flags on the side effects)...the co-pay is $662 and change. I almost choked when I saw that!

Other than that...surfing on FB, checking on BCBS to get a benefits package so I know what I'm entitled to. Just little things that might help. Nicky and Kimmy and Megan have been on my ass big time. Well, truth be told...all you guys have. And I'm very appreciative. I know and understand how many lives and friends and family are affected by this. I'll promise you this: I will go and get the best treatment that I can. Period. I know that some of you think I'll go back to being just Mikey and being passive and selfless (unless I'm teaching or saving someone's life).

This is a life-altering thing. It's gonna take some time to think selfishly. I don't think you guys can drive it out of me totally (I won't let you). But, I'm gonna do it for me so I can do it for you. I owe you guys at least that. You won't let me fail. If you guys don't think I'm thinking right, just give me some time...I'm coming around. It's alot to just put on a plate...even for me...and you guys know how much I can eat!

Ok...enough for now...time for dinner...that's the best thing about being home...good food! Chuck and Deb and Trina made it a little more homely with some home-cooked meals. Pulled pork, beef barley soup and chocolate cake! Great stuff!

God Bless!!

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