Saturday, March 28, 2009

All I did...

Here I am...just got off the phone with Andy and Nicole...she figured out how to do a 3-way call (I don't even know how to to that), trying to regain what little composure I have left.

I've been reduced to a blubbering idiot a few times already these past two weeks...Nicole and Andy did it to me again. Just about an hour ago. And that was after last night.

I wish I could've gone to the hockey game. Well, if you don't know yet...we won. Then I get text messages from Frank and Andy saying that they won and that they dedicated that game to me. Of course I'm getting all emotional about that. I've been doing that alot lately...I'm beginning to think I'm just a big sap. :D

I keep telling myself..."all I did..." All I did was sit on the bench with those guys, keep a stopwatch, call out line changes and fill the water bottles. "Coach" Mikey. I was happy to help.

Just like everything else..."all I did was..." help my students study; take the garbage out on Sunday mornings when I got to work; stay after work talking to anyone that wanted to stay and chat; listen to someone bitch about this, that or the other thing; help someone get their truck together after a bad call; help out in the trauma room with a bad patient that I or another crew just brought in; made my partners/students/fto-lings learn not just the what, but the why's, the how's, and the when's; ask about your family and your husband/wife and your kids and make sure that you knew that they were important to me also; be "Uncle Mikey" to a bunch of your kids just because I am (still acting like one) a kid; Hang out at the bars/restaurants/clubs and be the last to leave nobody should leave alone; stay after work, or after class just to go over or review that one little detail so that proverbial light came on; let my students stab me repeatedly trying to get their IV skills up to par; I think I can keep going on but you get the picture.

All I did was do what I do like I've done for many years and will do for many years to come. That's what I do and I don't think it's all that special. I guess I'm wrong.

I'll let Nicole and Andy provide the details...but keep the May 3rd open on your calendar. Apparently, a bunch of you went and did some stuff for me. We have a hockey game that day. I am sooooo looking forward to it...mostly because you guys are gonna be there.On the medical front...gonna be a busy week. PET, med port, chemo, second opinion...I'll keep the updates coming!

God Bless!

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