Friday, April 3, 2009

A Passing....

It really was iconic. The television series ER completed its memorable run last night in grand fashion...ending just as it began 15 years ago. I won't reveal any details for those of you who were unable to see the finale. It did throw a wrinkle in there and set up the ending. It was a great ending. something I'll remember for quite some time.

I'll admit that I lost interest in watching the series after Dr. Greene was killed off. I'd watch it occasionally after that, but it really upset me that Dr. Greene died. Me, of all people, upset over the death of a fictional character. But, to me, Greene and Carter were ER, moreso than any of the others.

When I was a kid, I watched television as much as I could get away with...almost 42 years later, I find that television doesn't interest me as much as it used to. Honestly, I probably average under ten hours a week. Jeopardy is the only show I watch on a regular basis. I'm sure that's some kind of record...somewhere.

I wanted to watch the ER finale though. The series did actually mean quite a bit to me. Shortly after I started this career in EMS, ER started it's amazing run. I could relate to it, to almost all of it. I'd learn something new in EMT or specialist or medic class and then I could
reinforce that learning experience by just watching a television show. Pretty remarkable.

I'd find myself yelling at the television, almost constantly. "Secure the tube!", "Use a bigger IV catheter!" "It's CHF!" "Awww, it's probably !" I found myself guessing at the diagnoses as EMS wheeled in the patients. I'd explain things to Mom or Dad if they wanted clarification. I cried when patients (or a character) died and I yelled in triumph when they'd bring one back from the brink.

I suppose that we won't be so lucky to get another series like ER anytime soon. I'd almost be tempted to try to break my record at watching television...


  1. How funny. I too relate shows on TV to periods of my life. Friends, for instance... the show was on through out my EMS classes. If I weren't at Skinny's on Thursday nights, I was at home watching Friends. To this day, the moment I turn it on (which is frequently), I am transported back in time to that place in my life.

    I too watched ER faithfully, until I started working in an ER. After I left Medstar, I went to Crittenton's ER. It was then that the show started to piss me off. I mean seriously... book an OR? BAM It's done! We need a US, or CT... BAM It's done! When I started living in the real world and realized how L....O....N....G some of these test's and treatments took, I had to stop watching.

    I did watch when Greene died though. It was completely heart breaking. Goose... Was dying. Oh and while we're discussing this... Goose! Instantly reminds me of my brother in his early Navy Career. In the late 80's, he came to visit us. He got out of his little hot rod, sporting aviator sunglasses, and I swear he was a dead ringer for Goose.

    Ok, I'm rambling. This was a great post Mikey. I'm sorry I've been very elusive. I would like to say that I have been very busy lately, however I am starting to realize that my entire life is just controlled chaos. One thing, after another, after another. It just doesn't end.

    Miss you. Be good and be healthy.