Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Supermom/Superdad or two parents? A question.

It kinda came up in a conversation I was having with a friend.

I've been fortunate enough to have grown up in a two parent (a mom and a dad) household. In my job and my travels through life I've met and known people that have had two parents and some that have had one parent (mainly) or that the parents were separated/divorced (probably 90% of the occurances) and they split the time/responsibilities of raising a child(ren).

It has been my experience (and as belief) that children seem to be more well-rounded/adjusted when they have both parents present in the household. They seem to have less psychological problems, they do better in school, etcetera (they have generally less issues growing up).

I've seen enough research, anecdotal evidence, and stories over the years that suggest similar outcomes. I guess I'd like to hear your sides, your stories. All I know is that being a single parent must suck like no tomorrow. Having both parents around isn't easy either...I know I made life hell for my parents growing up.

So is it the single parent thing...the double parent thing? Is it just kids in general, or today's general state of society/technology/social mores and values? What makes the difference between being well-adjusted or a sociopathic nightmare?

I'd really like to know and just maybe there's something that you did or experienced that might make the difference for someone else.

God Bless!!


  1. Well, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that this one was a dud...that's some, lose some.

  2. Hi, sorry I'm late. Mikey I've been so busy with sick kids. I haven't been on fbook much either if you've noticed. They both got influenza last week. (note to self: flu shots x4 next year).

    Funny you would post about this. Frick missed 4 days last week, Frack missed 2.5. I was up round the clock checking temperatures, giving med cups full of Motrin and/or Tylenol. Middle of the night, I call the school and leave message that they will be out of school. Hoping that I will FINALLY get some rest, I suddenly hear a horn blasting from across the street.

    The single parent ding bat is sitting in her van, red lining the rpm's, blaring the horn. Sometimes she screams at them so loudly we can hear her through closed windows.

    Her kids are obnoxious. They are disrespectful of not only their mother, but every adult around. They don't listen to her, and I firmly believe that the mothers recent hospital visits are due to stress from her ungrateful brats. Now I don't take what I am saying lightly. I LOVE kids, but more so I believe kids MUST respect adults. PERIOD. Especially their parents.

    I am a firm believer in your theory. Kids that grow up in a 2 parent household are not only calmer, and more well adjusted, but also they learn how to handle conflict. As a mother and father may have the occasional tiff, they always end up working it out somehow, and hopefully that will show the kids, that just because you had an argument, doesn't mean the "D" word is coming.

    I have also been told that children that are home with a parent are calmer and less "needy" than those raised in child care. Now before anyone gets a wild hair up their arse, recall the first 5 words in this paragraph. I have been told. I didn't say it, I've been told. Unfortunately after I heard this and started to look around, it seems to be true. But that is just my .02 cents.

    Sorry for the late reply honey.