Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My old columns/essays...

Well, I found most of my old columns/essays/etcetera. It's a good thing I'm a pack rat. Apparently I'm gonna be one of those patient's I really hate when I get old and decrepit. The ones with stacks and stacks of stuff all over the place where you can't get in the door and whatnot.

I haven't really gone back and read them all but I'm not exactly ignorant of what each was about, even though some were over ten years ago. I scare myself sometimes.

I guess the problem with reposting them is that I'm not quite sure how to do it. Of course, I could just cut and paste and post them as easy as pie. I'm referring to the fact that the articles/columns are kinda dated to that particular time. Some of them don't mean a damn thing nowadays. And if you weren't there when I published them...you aren't gonna get the "full effect" so to speak. The context just isn't there. In order to do it properly, I'm going to have to preface them somehow to kinda get them from the past into the present...if that is even possible.

Another thing I'm kinda worried about is that I can't really archive them...to blogger.com it's just another blog...not one from 10 years ago. Sure, they'll be archived...but it'll be chronologically with all my present stuff. For whatever reason...it's bugging me. Maybe I'm just being nitpicky.

I'll do my best, regardless. Just have to put my thinking cap on and screw it on a little bit tighter for these "blasts from the past."

The other thing I have to remember...I'm not exactly writing for a captive audience anymore. Most of my past stuff was EMS related. I'll have to expand my horizons. If you non-EMS types don't understand something I've posted, please let me know. I'll clarify wherever and whenever possible.

God Bless!


  1. So what if you were to start new? Or is it all related to each other? Those that read it at the Star, will remember it. But those of us that didn't may not know what the heck you're talking about. You could post some old, along with some new as time goes on. That's the beauty of blogging.

  2. I'll do both...if it's an older one I'll "intro it" as it were, explaining what was going on, what happened, etc. Give it some context, as it were.

    I guess I'll have no way of organizing it the way I want to...I'll just deal. I do that alot.