Thursday, February 5, 2009


I hate it when I start writing and my mind starts going off in different tangents. Here i am, sitting at the computer, mulling over something that was bugging me, figuring that it would make a good blog entry.

I start writing the damn thing and, after seven or nine paragraphs, I realize that what I'm talking about now has absolutely nothing to do with what I started with. Then I re-read the entire thing and realize that the subject matter of a middle paragraph is completely different from the beginning and the ending subjects.

I now realize that it must have been by the Grace of God that I actually passed Honors English and History in high school. I can't believe that I actually stayed on one single subject for my essays and my term papers. It's nigh impossible now, it seems.

Anyways, my train of thought left me at the boarding station at that point. Now I have three (possibly four) different subjects for future blogs. Not exactly what I had planned...but who plans these things anyways? And in case anyone's asking...yes...I've had my fair share of caffiene today. It might have something to do with what transpired.


  1. Dude... from a chic's standpoint... fire away. We don't need Honors English Literature to figure out what the hell you are talking about. Just say it the way you want to say it. We'll all know what you're talking about.

  2. Well...I understand that...that's really the point of a blog. I'm actually more frustrated with myself. I know better. I'm not trying to write an essay per se. Ms. Gutow (my Honor's English teacher) would've raked me over the coals already for the contractions alone.

    My brain and my mouth and my fingers (apparently) aren't on the same page all the time...