Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Stuff of Dreams

Been kinda weird lately.

I don't usually dream...but I have been of late. Vivid dreams of me in the Navy again. Working the road as a medic. Back when I was a child growing up. High school. A little bit of everything. I know that they're not recollections. Sort of like alternate reality with people I've know in the past. Especially the navy stuff. The people haven't changed at all and I'm pretty darn sure the things I'm dreaming about never occurred. It's been almost 16 years since I've been in and almost exactly 16 years since I've been underway. They (the individuals) haven't changed.

Dreams are crazy things. Sometimes they're bad, sometimes good. Can't remember a darn thing about them the next morning after having one. Fantastical. Real. Strange.

Sometimes their prophetic. I've had feelings of deja vu where I've dreamed something in the future and then that scenario (however mundane it might be) occurs later and I realize it right after it happens. Sometimes the time differential is days, other times months and even years later.

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